Free Fall ”Freier Fall” (2013, Germany) - Marc (Hanno Koffler) is a police officer who is at boot camp training for a position with the riot department. He’s struggling to keep up with the rest of the squad and because of his arrogant personality, isn’t well-liked.  His roommate, Kay (Max Riemelt), and him initially don’t get along.  After a fight and an apology from Marc, the two become friends and train together.  Once day on a jog the two have sex.  This leaves Marc confused because he has a pregnant girlfriend back home. Marc denies his urges but eventually has to come to terms with himself and the two worlds he’s created. (gifs by thomasisatroubledsoul)

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Maleficent (2014)

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C.O.G. Official Trailer (2013) (by FilmFestivalVideos)

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Romeo And Juliet TRAILER 1 (2013) - Hailee Steinfeld, Paul Giamatti Movie HD (by MovieclipsCOMINGSOON)

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"I am not calling you a whore, but I also am."

I Give It A Year - Official Trailer (by VISO Trailers)

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IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU (by shanebitneycrone)

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About Time (2013) International Trailer (by universalpicturesuk)