Prosthetic turns drummer into 3-armed ‘cyborg’

Jason Maderer-Georgia Tech,

A new robotic drumming prosthesis has two drumsticks—the musician’s arm and muscle sensors control one, and the other “listens” to the music and improvises.A new robot can be attached to amputees, allowing its technology to be embedded into humans…

Nymi by Bionym (by Bionym)

Bioengineered kidney makes urine (by nature video)

healow – Health and Online Wellness

This sounds like an awesome app.

I had that idea, good thing they made an app. 

Now, I just have to ask my 3 past primary care if they use eClinicalWork and access them. 

Bionic hand with sense of touch


 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne announced today at the American Academy for the Advancement of Science conference that a patient will be outfitted with a bidirectional prosthetic arm sometime this year. The arm records from and stimulates the median and ulnar nerves. The stimulation is reported to create two modes of sensory feedback. According to lead developer Silvestro Micera, ”You could have a pinch and receive information from three fingers, or feel movement in the hand and wrist.” It’s unclear whether this will provide tactile feedback, proprioceptive feedback, or both, and to what degree, but it will be exciting to follow this development. I’ll be on the lookout for more detailed press-releases or a journal publication.

CYBORG FOUNDATION | Rafel Duran Torrent (by Focus Forward Films)

Translating sound into color (the color seen is defined by a musical note)

A Bionic Future | Maris Curran (by Focus Forward Films)